MassEcon, the state’s private sector partner in promoting business growth in Massachusetts, has launched a foreign language section of its website to promote Massachusetts on a global scale.  The initiative began in the fall with a series of promotional videos that featured the state’s different regions and industries.

The new videos highlight that Massachusetts values education, promotes healthy living and access to healthcare, has among the lowest crime rates in the U.S. with the second-lowest rate of gun crimes, as well as the best-educated workforce in the nation associated with cutting-edge industries.

The foreign language section includes a translated version of the statewide video and data supporting Massachusetts’ status as an economic development leader. Also available on each foreign language page are news stories about companies expanding in Massachusetts from that region.

The page is available in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Danish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

“Massachusetts is one of the world’s most attractive and diverse markets. We have the ideas, resources, workforce, and market that companies need to succeed and grow,” said Secretary of Economic Development, Yvonne Hao. “We know that international partnership and collaboration are important if we’re going to develop key sectors of our economy, and I’m grateful for MassEcon’s work to showcase all that Massachusetts has to offer to audiences across the globe.”

“Massachusetts offers a high value, high productivity business position in a welcoming setting with a global outlook,” said MassEcon’s Executive Director Peter Abair. “A Massachusetts location is complemented not only by the nation’s most educated workforce, but a quality of life that includes high performing public schools, great healthcare, natural and cultural assets, and a crime rate that is consistently very low relative to the nation as a whole.”

The development of the videos was supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

About MassEcon

MassEcon’s mission is to promote and champion Massachusetts as the best place to start, grow and locate a business. Built upon a robust network of corporate and civic members, MassEcon convenes public and private sector leaders of industry to create an inclusive business ecosystem that enhances job growth across a diverse talent pool; promotes investment in all communities; expands equitable opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.