Today, Governor Charlie Baker delivered his State of the Commonwealth address from the House Chamber of the Massachusetts State House.

Regarding the economy, Governor Baker said:

“To keep our economy strong, we’re focused on two important initiatives.

“First, Lieutenant Governor Polito just spent a year touring the Commonwealth, hearing from local leaders, legislators, private companies and non-profits, as we drafted our economic development plan for this term.

“The finished product is appropriately called “Partnerships for Growth,” because we succeed when we work together. Legislation based on the report will be filed for your consideration next month.

“The second initiative will focus on addressing the persistent skills gap we have, between people looking to work their way up the jobs ladder and the needs and expectations of many of our employers.

“To address this, we’ll launch a $15 million partnership with our vocational schools to give thousands of people, adults and high schoolers, ‘hands-on’ educational opportunities.

“Opportunities they don’t have now under our current approach.

“The partnership will transform vocational schools, to provide classes in three shifts.

“Adults can take classes during the evening. Traditional high school students can take classes after their regular school day. And full-time vocational school students attend as they do now.

“These Career Technical Institutes will turbocharge our approach to applied learning and industry specific credentialing.

“Over the next several years, this partnership will train 20,000 new, skilled, and diverse workers in key trades and technical jobs.

“Our economy is the envy of the nation. And we look forward to working with you, so that everyone in Massachusetts has the skills they need to be part of our collective success.

Read the full address here.