Farmers from across Massachusetts competed in the 35th Annual Tomato Contest held at Boston Public Market’s KITCHEN in Haymarket Square, Boston on Tuesday, August 28, 2019.

This year’s contest drew 82 entries from 18 farms across the Commonwealth.  Farmers from Holliston, Raynham, Sudbury and Pepperell won the top prizes.

Designed to increase consumer’s awareness of local agriculture, the Tomato Contest is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Association and Mass Farmers’ Markets and hosted by the Boston Public Market Association and the Trustees of Reservations.

MDAR Commissioner John Lebeaux called the annual contest “a highlight of the summer growing season, providing growers across the Commonwealth the opportunity to showcase the delicious tomato varieties grown in Massachusetts. I encourage all residents to visit their local farmers’ market or farm stand to find local, high-quality tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables at their peak.”

All Massachusetts commercial tomato growers were eligible to submit their tomatoes, which were judged on four criteria: flavor, firmness/slicing quality, exterior color and shape.

The panel of judges included food writers, chefs, produce experts and state officials.  Commissioner Lebeaux presented 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies to all of the winners, and certificates to the top five in each category.

In addition to the presentation of awards, the Tomato Contest included a Healthy Cooking Demonstration by UMass Extension and tomato tasting.

Boston Public Market CEO Cheryl Cronin said, “At the Boston Public Market, we look forward to tomato season all year long and we’re thrilled to work with MDAR to host the Tomato Contest again this year. Our mission is to support New England producers and provide fresh healthy food to consumers. We’re honored to host the best of our state in this competition, as they showcase the fruits of their labor.”

KITCHEN Education & Operations Manager Cleo Bell said, “As the chef-educator at The KITCHEN, I enjoy teaching people how to cook with the incredible local tomatoes we have received this summer at Boston Public Market.”

Of the 7,241 farms in Massachusetts, 517 farms annually produce more than 7.3 million pounds of tomatoes on 569 acres with a value of approximately $13.6 million. Consumers can find farmers’ markets, farm stands and other opportunities to buy local produce here.

2019 Massachusetts Tomato Contest Winners:

Slicing Category

Place Farm Name Town Variety
1 MacArthur Farm Holliston Tomimaru Muchoo
2 Ward’s Berry Farm Sharon BHN 964
3 MacArthur Farm Holliston Trust
4 Langwater Farm N. Easton BHN 589
5 Langwater Farm N. Easton BHN 1021
6 Verrill Farm Concord Big Beef
7 C & C Reading Farm West Bridgewater Big Beef
8 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Indigo Blue Beauty
9 Freedom Food Farm Raynham Geronimo
10 Bristol County Ag High School Dighton 4th of July


Cherry Category

Place Farm Name Town Variety
1 Freedom Food Farm Raynham Esteria
2 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Sungold
3 Freedom Food Farm Raynham Montesino
4 Langwater Farm N. Easton Sunsugar
5 Under the Sun N. Dighton Sungold
6 Bristol County Ag High School Dighton Black Cherry
7 Langwater Farm N. Easton Braveheart
8 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Lizzibelle
9 Ward’s Berry Farm Sharon Rojita
10 Cape Abilities Farm Dennis Saduka


Heirloom Category

Place Farm Name Town Variety
1 Sienna Farms Sudbury Brandywine
2 Ward’s Berry Farm Sharon Arkansas Traveler
3 Ward’s Berry Farm Sharon Paul Robeson
4 MacArthur Farm Holliston Yellow Brandywine
5 Verrill Farm Concord Aussie
6 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Mortgage Lifter
7 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Marvel Stripe
8 Sienna Farms Sudbury Striped German
9 Revision Urban Farm Boston Cherokee Green
10 Langwater Farm N. Easton Cherokee Green

Heaviest Category

Place Farm Name Town Variety Weight
1 Kimball Fruit Farm Pepperell Aussie 2.126
2 Five College Farms Hadley Striped German 2.095
3 Ward’s Berry Farm Sharon Striped German 2.070
4 Langwater Farm N. Easton Striped German 2.041
5 Hannan Agro Farms Beverly Yellow Brandywine 2.009
6 Rota Spring Farm Sterling Pineapple 2.008
7 C & C Reading Farm West Bridgewater Beef Master 1.157
8 Farmer Dave’s Dracut Brandywine 1.132
9 Sienna Farms Sudbury Striped German 1.131
10 Freedom Food Farm Raynham Striped German 1.111
11 Revision Urban Farm Boston Brandywine 1.031