The Trustees of Reservations Presents Artist Doug Aitken’s New Horizon in July

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In July 2019 The Trustees of Reservations is presenting artists Doug Aitken’s NEW HORIZON, a multifaceted art event that challenges the notion of art in the 21st-century. The project is composed of a series of live events across the state of Massachusetts, centered around a stunning reflective hot air balloon and gondola.

New Horizons is part of The Trustees’ Art & the Landscape series, launched in 2016 to create inspiring art experiences at some of the Massachusetts-based conservation nonprofit’s historic house museums, parks, gardens, and beaches.

The project is grounded in one of the great American mythologies, the road trip, according to The Trustees description. New Horizon is a 21st century version of a journey, traveling through the landscape by air. At each stop in Massachusetts the mirror balloon touches down becomes a happening. It is both an artwork and an event where ideas, conversation, music and art are shared. The journey creates a continuous, flowing event, encountering unique individuals and providing an insight into the future of our culture.

The live events take place at a selection of iconic Trustees properties, starting at Long Point Wildlife Refuge in Martha’s Vineyard on July 12, followed by stops in the greater Boston area, including the Crane Estate in Ipswich and ending on July 28, in the Berkshires. Here is the full schedule.


Trustees President & CEO Barbara Erickson says, “When we began the Art & the Landscape project, we invited artists to create new work inspired by our places, but Doug Aitken has gone beyond that. He has created a project inspired by our mission and our organizational work, moving beyond one site specific installation to two weeks of installations. I look forward to seeing how his generative piece and the complementary programming transforms our places through not only beauty and spectacle, but also conversation, thought, and ideas.”

Doug Aitken is widely known for his innovative fine art installations. Utilizing a wide array of artistic approaches, Aitken’s eye leads us into a world where time, space, and memory are fluid concepts.

Pedro Alonzo, curator for the Art & the Landscape series, says, “One of our intentions of the Art & the Landscape program is to increase access to the contemporary art experience among diverse audiences using The Trustees’ cultural and natural sites as the platform–or even, in Aikten’s case, as the medium itself. Aitken is a master at engaging not only contemporary art enthusiasts but the broader general public, as well, in his incredibly innovative, creative work. This will be a unique, multi-sensory experience not to be missed.”

With more than 100 properties spanning 27,000+ acres around Massachusetts, The Trustees is the world’s first and Massachusetts’ largest conservation and preservation nonprofit, founded by the visionary landscape architect Charles Eliot in 1891 to protect and share distinctive and dynamic places of natural, historic, and cultural value with Massachusetts residents and visitors.

Learn more about The Trustees of Reservations here.