PaxEast, one of the nation’s largest digital gaming conventions in the United States, comes to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) on March 28-31, 2019.

Since coming to Boston in 2010, PaxEast has become one of the most anticipated shows in the city’s extensive convention schedule, breaking attendance records year after year, and now approaching 100,000 participants. Tickets went on sale in November 2017 and sold out within the first day.

Massachusetts has a stake in the $67 billion gaming industry, which helps to fuel the state’s creative industries and innovation economy. In 2018, 38 Massachusetts companies had exhibit space, plus other small start-ups scattered around the floor in the Indie Mega booth and other places.

The indie scene continues to be one of the state’s most robust and fast-growing components, with individuals and small groups setting up shop in collaborative spaces and coming up with new products to break into the market, according to Tim Loew, executive director of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi).

To learn more about the state’s Video Gaming opportunities, contact Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi)