Massachusetts Celebrates Jazz Host Eric Jackson

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Eric Jackson, fabled jazz radio host on WGBH for 40 years, is being honored in Massachusetts this month for his outstanding contributions to jazz, America’s enduring art form.

On April 22, Governor Charlie Baker issued an official Massachusetts Citation in which he refers to Jackson as the “Dean of Boston Jazz Radio” while acknowledging Jackson’s 50 years in jazz radio, forty of them at WGBH with the show, Eric in the Evening.

WGBH organized a full week of special events in Boston, including a jazz bruch at City Winery, concerts at local churches and jazz clubs, a panel discussion at Northeastern University to discuss Jackson’s legacy in education and broadcasting, and a special luncheon at WGBH to cap off the celebrations. See full schedule here.

On the occasion of his 30th anniversary a decade ago, Jackson told Boston Globe reporter Bill Beuttler that he was “extremely happy” with his career choice as a jazz host, adding, “First of all, it’s working around the music I love. I’ve met so many people that I just thought were great, and not only the musicians, but even the fans, the people that love the music.”

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