Moby-Dick Marathon Celebrates Literary & Maritime Traditions of Massachusetts

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The 21st annual Moby-Dick Marathon is taking place this weekend at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The annual readthon is a tribute to Herman Melville’s classic novel about the whaling industry that thrived in New Bedford, Fall River, Nantucket and other seaports in the 19th Century.

The annual reading takes place over 25 hours and attracts over 2,500 guests and participants. In addition to celebrating Melville’s literary masterpiece, the Moby-Dick Marathon also raises funds and awareness for the New Bedford Whaling Museum, which provides year round educational programs for school children while also serving as a major tourist attraction for the City of New Bedford and for the Southeastern Massachusetts region, according to Dagny Ashley, director of Destination New Bedford.

In addition to English, other languages included in this year’s marathon included Hebrew, German, French, Dutch, Italian and various others.

The 22nd Moby-Dick Marathon is scheduled to take place on January 6-7, 2018.

Read more about the New Bedford Whaling Museum, which is part of the The New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park founded in 1996.

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