Baker-Polito Administration Opens New Round of MassWorks Infrastructure Awards

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The sixth annual round of MassWorks Infrastructure Program is underway, with online applications available on June 3.

The competitive grant program invests in projects in local communities that can leverage private funding and open up areas to further residential, commercial, or industrial development. It is a one-stop shop for municipalities and other eligible public entities seeking funding to support housing, economic development and job creation. In addition, the Program supports municipalities with a population of 7,000 or less that may seek grants for roadway improvements to enhance public safety.

Governor Charlie Baker called MassWorks funding “a critical part of our support for cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. The legislature’s reauthorization of MassWorks through our economic development bill will allow us to continue its success in helping communities unlock potential opportunities for job creation and economic growth.”

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito said, “The Massworks infrastructure award program allows us to support local solutions, creating jobs and helping communities to prepare for success.”

Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash called MassWorks investments “an important part of our work to grow businesses, create jobs, and build housing throughout the Commonwealth.”

Public entities must submit their applications between August 22 and September 2.

The 2016 grant round will support housing and commercial growth opportunities that contribute to the long-term strength and sustainability of Massachusetts, with a particular emphasis on projects that support the production of multi-family housing in appropriately located mixed-use districts and projects that support economic development in weak or distressed areas.

The Baker-Polito Administration’s Economic Development Bill, An Act to Provide Opportunities for All (H. 3983) authorizes an additional $500 million in capital funding over the next five years for the MassWorks Infrastructure Program, allowing the Administration to award funds in the next round and in the future.

The 2016 application, guidelines, FAQs and other relevant materials are available at MassWorks. Applicants will have access to previous MassWorks grant round submissions. All decisions will be rendered within approximately eight weeks after the September 2 application deadline.

In total, the MassWorks Infrastructure Program has invested over $333 million to over 181 infrastructure improvement projects across the Commonwealth during the past five grant rounds. These public investments have leveraged millions of private dollars and created thousands of new housing units and jobs.