National Travel & Tourism Week Celebrated Across America

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The U.S. Travel Association celebrates National Travel & Tourism Week, a chance for the industry to promote the positive impact that travel and tourism has on America.

Part of the strategy in 2016 is to tie into the presidential primaries taking place across the country. The theme is “Travel ’16.”

U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow called National Travel & Tourism Week “an excellent opportunity for travel leaders to demonstrate firsthand the importance of travel to their elected officials and to their communities.”

Accorting to USTA, in 2015, travelers to and within the U.S. spent $947 billion, generating more than $2.1 trillion in economic activity. Travel now supports 15.1 million jobs, employing one in nine Americans, with 8.1 million good-paying jobs in the industry itself and seven million across other sectors of the economy.

In Massachusetts, Tourism Day takes place at the State House on May 19.