Massachusetts Ranked First in Nation for Energy Efficiency Polices and Programs

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The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has ranked Massachusetts first in the nation for energy efficiency policies and programs in its annual state-by-state scorecard. This is the fourth straight year Massachusetts has led the nation in this coveted category.

“We have treated efficiency as our first fuel because saving energy, managing costs and reducing environmental impacts while building a stronger clean tech economy helps fulfill our responsibility to future generations to leave a strong Commonwealth than we found,” said Governor Deval Patrick.

See the Massachusetts Score Card Here.

The Patrick Administration energy efficiency and clean energy goals were outlined when Governor Patrick first took office in 2008, when he signed the Green Communities Act, the Green Jobs Act and the Global Warming Solutions Act.

In fact, ACEEE continues to highlight the Green Communities Act as a central component to Massachusetts’ achievements, since it requires the state’s investor owned electric and natural gas utilities to prepare energy efficiency plans and pursue “all cost effective energy efficiency.”

Maeve Vallely Bartlett, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said that “Massachusetts has made reducing our energy use a priority across state government, municipalities and in our businesses and homes.”

Maggie Molina, Program Director of ACEEE Utilities, State and Local Policy, said “Massachusetts has proven that it is possible to save more energy each year while creating jobs, boosting the economy, and ensuring a cleaner environment for years to come.”

“Energy efficiency’s benefits go beyond greenhouse gas reductions and lower energy costs – it has become a true economic driver in the Commonwealth,” said Alicia Barton, CEO of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. “Because of the investments Massachusetts has made, there are more than 4,000 companies with over 65,000 workers inventing, delivering, and exporting energy efficiency technologies to national and global markets.”

In September 2014, the Governor Patrick announced the 2014 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report, showing that clean energy sector now includes more than 88,000 employees and nearly 6,000 businesses. The clean energy sector in Massachusetts grew by 10.5 percent, the fourth year of double digit growth. Energy efficiency is now the job of more than 65,000 workers in Massachusetts.